Ezra Solway


Selected Writing


PetSmart: A Tortoise Dream Flash Fiction Magazine                                                               

Struggling Magician Pif Magazine                                                                                                           

Summer of Small Deaths  Literally Stories                                                                                 

Pendulum Swing  JewishFiction.Net                                                                                            

CNF, Satire, Reviews         

I Just Tried Bezos’ Reverse Aging Technology SlackJaw

On Vomiting  Bending Genres

The Skin of Meaning  Shining Rock

If This Is The Age We End Discovery Shining Rock

A JLJ Podcast: Shlomo the Cobbler: Exegesis                                 



Birthday 10  Jersey Devil Press                                                                                            

Hold On  Eunoia Review

Shlomo the Cobbler Jewish Literary Journal 

Philadelphia Pulp North of Oxford 

The Color Absence  Philadelphia Stories

No Need to Knock Gone Lawn 

Things I Wish I Told My Mother Before She Died Identity Theory 



Welcome, friend.


I write about grief, love, and other things. 


I live in Philadelphia, where I earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Temple University in 2021. 


Past experiences include but not limited to: English teacher in Akko, Israel; door-to-door salesman; waiter at a Japanese karaoke lounge, Reality TV show factotum.


Currently, I'm Assistant Editor of the Jewish Community Voice, a local newspaper covering Southern New Jersey.


Questions? Comments? Contact me: esolway93@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @SolwayEzra